Programmer’s Motivation for Beginners

Real Learning Stories & Tips

By Rajaraman Raghuraman

Usually they teach programming concepts and specific programming languages like C, C++, C#, JAVA, Ruby, etc. for beginners. But they don't teach stuff that really matters in the long term, they don't prepare you on your journey to become a Great Programmer, they don't teach you the attitude that is required to become great in your craft. This E-book is a compilation of some of the author's blog posts & advice containing some useful piece of practical information to beginner programmers. The content in this book is programming language agnostic - Same principles can be applied to all programming languages.

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While this book doesn't teach you how to write programs, it teaches many concepts that should be considered by every developer. I'm still on my way from beginner to intermediate programmer, and I can recommend this to everyone from aspiring neophytes to enterprise codemasters. Everyone will find something useful for them in this publication. And It's free."

- Felix Scalar

Good job with the book. I read it. It is not only proper for beginners but can be useful for advanced programmers too. It helps all programmers to be more thoughtful toward themselves, the code, the team, the project time, and to their customers"

- TarekHoteit
  • Make me think about programming as an art? Yes
  • Make me think about myself and my attitude towards programming? Yes
  • Make me find out where I lack overall? Yes
  • Make me realize what it takes to be a better programmer? Yes
  • Make me realize attitudes required to become a great developer? Yes
  • Make me a better programmer? Yes if you take actions

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